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Injectioneering is an expert at competition motorcycle throttle body modifications. Using proprietary, complex techniques, Wade Wilcox, owner and chief developmental engineer, has developed superior modifications for an ever-growing number of racing motorcycles.

The motocross racing community is fully aware of Wade and Injectioneering.  To the racers at the track, Wade is known as “The Man.”  Many of the winners on the circuit are using his custom modified throttle bodies for their race machines.  Wade's work is considered a secret weapon on the track.  Wade is one of the few motorcycle technicians that truly understand electronic fuel injection.  

Some of Wade’s tried and true throttle body users include: Team Geico, Factory Kawasaki, Monster Energy, Motoconcepts, Rockstar Suzuki, Troy Lee, Kevin Windham, Malcolm Stewart, Mike Alessi, and many more.

When you hire the services of Injectioneering, we modify the stock EFI throttle body using our highly-researched techniques.  This includes replacing the stock throttle butterfly with a custom manufactured in-house fabricated butterfly.  The resulting performance improvement in a dirt bike’s power-band and overall throttle response goes far beyond the previously-realized stock unit’s potential.

As you racing enthusiasts know, most factories do not warranty their racing bikes, so you are stuck with what the factory sends-out even if the throttle response is non-linear, too-sensitive, or you experience flame-out tendencies, coughing and choppiness.


Motocross Action Magazine tested the Injectioneering throttle body unit and was pleasantly surprised at the results. Every MXA test rider was amazed by the improved pickup of the Injectioneering-modified CRF450.

The Problem

As delivered from the factory, the CRF450 exhibits a rather snappy response to relatively small throttle twists. Many riders consider the response too reactive for their liking.

The Solution

With the Injectioneering throttle body, the throttle response starts sooner, picks up quicker, rockets out of corners and is a tremendous improvement.

Although the Injectioneering throttle body only affects the first 25 percent of the throttle position, the surge off the bottom helps the power carry better into the midrange.

At any ability level, riders appreciated the absence of flameout. The CRF can still stall of course, but the trepidation of a cough after chopping the throttle is eliminated.


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